Brand New Blogger Post Editor

While checking the settings page today, I happened to see a new option that Blogger has added. I was surprised to see that Blogger has added a brand new Post Editor which makes the previous one seem so ancient. Just click on Settings option and scroll down to the Select Post Editor option to add the new post editor to your blog.

I just tested this new post editor and I cant be more happy than this. The new editor is awesome with many cool features and all the problems that I used to face with the older post editor have been removed.

I will show you some of the awesome new features that you get with this new post editor

Cool Layout
The new layout looks great and has many more options than the previous post editor.

Undo/Redo Option
This is an amazing feature that was missing in the previous editor. Now even if you make some mistake, you can correct it with the Undo option

Strike through Feature
Now you can use the Strike through feature to strike off any word or line. Isnt that great!!

Text and Background Color
The new Text color picker looks great and a Background Color highlighter has also been added. Now you can also highlight the text background

Add Links
Unlike the previous editor now when you click on the Add or Remove link option, you will have the option to add the text and link in the same place itself. There is also an option to Test the link to see if you are linking to the right page. You can also link to your email address using the link option

When you click on a link, you will be able to change the Text as well as the URL or even remove the URL


This is the part that I have loved most about the new Blogger Post Editor. The earlier option to add images to blog posts was pathetic and very troublesome. But now everything has changed and adding images is no longer a troublesome thing to do. Here are some of the awesome changes for the images

Now when you click on Insert Image option, you will see thumbnails of all the images that you have uploaded to the post. In this manner you can check the number of images that you have uploaded for a particular post.

Also now the images will be added to the place where your pointer is located instead of the top of the post. This is a big relief for me as I had to drag the images to their location everytime

If you feel that the image isnt looking good at a place in the post, then you can just drag the image to the Right, Left or Center and it will position itself at that place. Also when you click on the image, you will get the option to change the size of the image and change the alignment of the image


Post Options

When you click on the Post Options at the bottom of the post, you will see that many options have been added


Resize the Post Editor

Now you can also change the size of the post editor by dragging the resize handle which is availabe at the bottom right part of the post editor, just below the Labels

Post Publishing Date

The posts now have the date and time at which they are published, not when they were orignally created.

Drag And Resize Videos

Its now possible to drag and resize the videos that we have added in the blog posts. This gives a greater amount of flexibility to place the videos in the posts. In the Compose mode, the video will appear as seen below

Preview Option

The new preview option shows your your post in a width and font size as it would be seen on the blog. You can also drag the preview box.

Isnt the new Blogger Post Editor great?? I hope that even you have loved it. Do give your comments telling what you think about it and any features that you wanted.