"Follow Me On Twitter" Widget For Blogger Blog

Follow Me On TwitterYou must have seen the Follow Me on Twitter link which remains on its place even if you scroll the page. Its a great way to get many followers on Twitter as your blog readers are likely to follow you on Twitter if they like your posts. So you get many new followers on Twitter and you don't even have to try hard for it. Doesn't it sound interesting??

I have created a Blogger Widget/Gadget/Plugin or whatever you like to call it which will add a Follow Me on Twitter link on your blog. Check the pic below or check the Demo

Twitter Widget

To add this Widget to your Blogger Blog, Click on the Add Twitter Widget button given below. You will reach a page with title Add Page Element. There you will see Select A Blog option. Choose your blog and keep the Title empty. Just below it you will see Edit Content. On clicking it you will see some code. 

Important : Find http://www.twitter.com/rahuljrark in it and replace rahuljrark with your Twitter Username.

Twitter Widget

That's it, now click on ADD WIDGET and check your blog. You will see the Twitter Widget on your blog

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