Modified Blogger Template: Langit

Hi friends, Langit is a wonderful blogger template and has many great features. However, this template lacked some features which I have added and tried my best to make this a complete template.

View a Demo of this template of Download it

Following are the new features added in this template.

Sidebar Column:

This template has a 2 column sidebar, but there isn't any option to add a widget which acts as a single column. Many templates have this feature, which enables the template to change from a 2 column to 3 column template and vice versa. I have added a single column just above the 2 columns which will allow you to put big adsense ads or any other big widget in the sidebar.

Social Bookmarking Widgets:

Social Bookmarking Widgets are a great way to promote your blog. It is useful for your blog if you provide Social Bookmarking options for your blog readers. I have added a Social Bookmarking Widget which appears at the end of every post

Post Summary:

Sometimes your blog post may be very big and they may stretch a great distance. If a reader wants to read the next post, he may have to scroll down for a long time which is frustrating. It is better if you add a Read More link for the post and make it short.

To create post summary, use the following code in your blog posts

Type your summary here
<span id="fullpost">
Type rest of the post here
Just replace the lines in bold with your blog post. The part of the post in the first line will appear on the home page while part of the post in the third line will appear only at the post page

Adsense At Start And End Of Posts:

It has been proven by many bloggers that adding Adsense in the posts helps in increasing the earnings. Hence I have added the option to add Adsense at the start and end of the posts. The ads will appear only if you visit the post page and not on the Home page.

Its important that you read e following post before adding Adsense to the posts. Follow all the instructions carefully. Adding Adsense To Blogger Blog Posts

Seach <!-- Paste the Adsense Code here --> in the Edit HTML part of the Layout option and replace it with your Adsense code. Remember that there are two places where I have added the Adsense option. So you will find <!-- Paste the Adsense Code here --> at two places. Its upto you where you want to paste the Adsense code.


By default this template doesnt provide the option to add a Favicon to the blog. I have added some code which will enable you to add favicon for your blog. Just read Add Favicon To Your Blogger Blog

Search the following .ICO image in the template and replace it with your .ICO image

Some Changes you have to make in the template

RSS Feeds:

Just search YourFeedName in the template and replace it with your RSS feed name. My feed name is highlighted in bold

Similarly replace YourFeedName with the one for your feed.


If you just add this template to your blog and check your blog, you will find Undefined instead of the date. To correct this error, read Solving The "Undefined Date" Error For Blogger Blog

That's it, just enjoy the new and modified template and don't forget to Subscribe to my feeds.