Add Label Cloud Widget To Blogger Blog


A Label Cloud widget for Blogger blog was one of the most demanded thing by the Blogger users and  Blogger hasnt disappointed its users. Just 2 days back Blogger has added the option to add a Label Cloud widget to blogger blog!!! The above picture is of a label cloud widget from one of my blogger blog.

Adding a label cloud widget is very easy thing to do.

Step 1:
Login to your Blogger Account. You will be taken to the Blogger Dashboard. You will see a list of blogs or only 1 blog. It depends on the number of blogs you have. Click on Layout.

Step 2:
Now you have to click on Add A Gadget link.

Step 3:
When you click on Add A Gadget, you will see a list of options. Click on Labels option.

Now you will see some options. In Display you will see two options, List and Cloud. Just click on Cloud and save it.

That's it, now check your blog, the Label Cloud widget will be present on your blog.