My Goals For Cool Tricks N Tips Dot Com : Results


I had written a post in February "My Goals For Cool Tricks N Tips Dot Com " in which I had made a list of things that I wanted to achieve for this blog. I had set the deadline of 10th April to achieve all the targets. Now that 10th April is over, I am declaring the results.

I had set the following targets for this blog:

1. Get PR 3
2. Get 100 Visits per day
3. Get 200 Page Views per day
4. Get 100 RSS Subscribers
5. Enter the Alexa Top 200,000 Sites
6. Increase Posting Frequency

Here are the results:

Get PR 3: Cool Tricks N Tips has got PR1. This is really disappointing for me as I had expected to get at least PR2. PR is calculated according to the backlinks and I have more than 180 backlinks, which is more than many PR 2 and 3 blogs. We don't know the exact criteria according to which we get the PR. So I will have to work harder for higher PR.

2. Get 100 Visits per day: The average visitors for this blog keeps on fluctuating and it had achieved 97 Average Visitors which is very close to the target of 100 per day.

3. Get 200 Page Views per day: Similar to the Average Visitors, the Average Page Views has been fluctuating and had received 184 Page Views. So even this is close to the target of 200 Page Views.

4. Get 100 RSS Subscribers: Till now Cool Tricks N Tips has got 62 RSS Subscribers and it is clearly short of the 100 Subscribers target. However I am happy with it as I had deliberately kept a difficult target.

5. Enter the Alexa Top 200,000 Sites: This is the best result that I have managed to achieve. I had set a target to enter the Alexa Top 200,000 Sites and currently this blog has the Alexa Rank 153,481!!! which is a great achievement as it had an Alexa Rank 561,849 when I had set the target.

6. Increase Posting Frequency: I believe that I have achieved the target to increase the posting frequency as I had published 8 posts in March which is more than the posts that I have published in any month. In fact the second highest posting frequency was in Feb which was 4 posts. Though this isn't that good but I believe that I am increasing the posting frequency.

I had set 6 targets for Cool Tricks N Tips out of which I have Achieved 2, Nearly Achieved 2 and Didn't Achieve 2. So this isn't a good performance but I put in lots of efforts and I have benefited from it as I have started to get more comments and readers for my blog.

Have you ever set any targets for your blog?? If Yes, then please share your experience with us