My Goals For Cool Tricks N Tips Dot Com


If we don't set any goals in our lives then the chances of losing the direction are high. The same things are applicable to Blogging. If we don't decide any Aim and Objectives for our blog, we may lose the direction and create a mess of the blog. My blog is a very young . It has just 10 posts and has got a long way to go before establishing itself. So I thought that it is very important that I decide the Goals and Objectives for my blog at this early stage so that I can work on them. So after lot of thinking I have decided that I am going to set the following goals which I will try to achieve before 10th April as its my birthday and I want to achieve these goals as a Birthday Gift that I will present to myself.

1. Get PR 3 for my blog. Currently I have no PR , but I have been trying hard to get backlinks. So if my efforts succeed and I get a PR3 or above, I will surely dedicate a post about it. The next PR update is expected to come in the last week of March. So I still have more than a month to achieve the goal.

2. Get 100 Visits per day. Currently I am getting average 40 Visits per day. So I have to double the numbers. Actually its more than double but that's achieveable if I work hard for it.

3. Get 200 Page Views per day. Right now I am getting around 60-70 Page Views per day. So I really have to work hard on this aspect if I have to achieve the target.

4. Cross the 100 RSS Subscribers mark. This is really gonna be tough for me. But I will give my best shot and achieve this target.

5. Enter the Alexa Top 200,000 Sites. Currently my rank is 561,849. I feel that this target can be achieved as at the start of the year Cool Tricks N Tips had the Alexa Rank 3,119,885!!!! So it has been a huge leap for me.

6. Increase Posting Frequency. I have to admit that I am a very lazy person, so at times I tend to produce less posts and many of you must have already observed this by looking at the Archives at the right column of this blog. So I will make it a point to post as regularly as possible.

So here are my 6 Goals which I have to achieve before 10th April. Some of these targets are tough to achieve. I have purposely set high targets as it will make me to take lots of efforts to achieve them. Here is a saying which I want to share

Aim for the sky and you will land on the roof. Aim for the roof and you wont even land there.

You can also help me achieve these goals by Subscribing to my Feeds or visiting the blog regularly. I will make a post after 10th April to announce whether I have achieved these Goals or not.

If you want to share your Goals with us then do tell us by commenting below.


  1. I wish you well and I hope that you surpass all your goals. Perhaps if you commit yourself to attaining those goals and apply yourself to blogging, then with a little luck and a lot of hard work some of them can be achieved.

  2. Thanks. I know that some of the goals are hard to achieve but if I try then they can be achieved. And you correctly said that I need little luck :)

  3. Hi Rahul,

    1. To get more subscribers, one good way is to hold a few contests.
    2. Another good way to increase page views is to put up a 'Recommended Posts' on your blog sidebar. That's one of many ways to keep your visitors longer on your blog and visit your favorite posts.

    Peter Lee

  4. Hi Peter, i really appreciate your help. Thanks for giving the ideas. I will surely put the recommended posts soon. Though i dont think that I can host any contest now

  5. i think the pr is updated ... this update was not much good for few of my sites as theri serp fall.

    i think u need to try for PR in the next update.

  6. When was it updated. I never saw anyone talking about it

  7. I look forward to reading your post and your success in reacing your goal. btw, my son's BD is April 10th. good luck

  8. Thanks a lot :)
    Say Hi to your son from my side

  9. Really that's Awesome! Keep blogging...And update your new sats of your blog!

  10. Thanks buddy...will do that soon