Poll : Which Age Group Blogs The Most?


Over the last month I had put a poll on the right sidebar "Which Age Group Blogs The Most. What's Your Age??". The main objective of the poll was to find out the age group of the bloggers who visit my blog. It is a fun way of knowing your visitors in a better way and at the same time adding some interactive features for your blog readers.

In a month the poll got 55 votes. This number is small and may not correctly tell the stats about the dominant age group which visits this blog. However as I said earlier the poll was a fun way to know the blog readers. The more important thing is that these 55 people took out some of their time to vote indicating that they were interested in this blog. So this poll indicates the age group of those bloggers who are interested in this blog and find it useful.

Without wasting much time I will announce the results. There were 5 age groups that I had made:
1. Less Than 20
2. 20-30
3. 31-40
4. 41-50
5. More Than 50

And the results are:
1. Less Than 20 (21 votes : 38%)
2. 20-30 (18 votes : 33%)
3. 31-40 (8 votes : 15%)
4. 41-50 (4 votes : 7%)
5. More Than 50 (4 votes : 7%)

The results show that most of the blog visitors are young people who are less than 20 years old. However they are followed by the 20 to 30 year age group, who have got just 3 votes less than the less than 20 years age group.

This clearly shows that more than 70% of the bloggers visiting this blog are less than 30 years old. So the poll clearly shows that most of the blog visitors are young people. The 40+ age group constitutes about 29%.

Here is the actual poll which I had used. You can still vote if you did not vote till now as I haven't set a deadline for the poll.