How To: Add RSS Buttons To Your Blog

Add RSS Buttons To Blog

Adding a RSS button is very important for every blog as feeds help to bring subscribers to your blog. These subscribers increase the page visits whenever you publish any post. Moreover the greater the number of RSS subscribers you have, the more importance your blog has. The number of RSS subscribers is considered as an important metric while considering the popularity of a blog. So adding RSS buttons is a must for every blog.

First thing you have to do is to learn how to add feeds to your blog . Its a very simple thing to do. Once you have created a RSS feed for your blog, you will get your feed URL. Just copy the URL and paste it in the code given below.

<a href="Enter Your Feed URL"><img src="Enter Image URL" alt="subscribe via rss" /></a>

Now you will have to add an RSS icon image. You can search for images on the net or check the beautiful ones that are displayed in these posts

That's it, now add the code anywhere in your blog and show your blog visitors some beautiful RSS icons so that you may get more RSS subscribers.