How Oscars And Nokia Brought Traffic To My Blog

Oscars and Nokia 5800

Every blogger desires that his blog gets lots of traffic. Blog Traffic is the most essential element for a blog's survival. And the desire for this element is more intense for the bloggers who have just started a blog than the ones who have a steady stream of blog traffic. Just visit some forums about Blogging and you will understand what I mean to say. There are threads filled with posts asking tips to increase blog traffic. Even I am one of them. Even I was desperate for more traffic to my blog rather than 10-15 visits per day. But now I am less desperate, more content than I was before. I luckily found out a simple but easy method to increase my blog traffic.

This doesnt mean that it wont work for people who have steady traffic to their blog. Everyone desires more traffic for their blog, even the probloggers with PR6 and above. No one is immune to it. So this method will be useful for everyone.

Step 1:
This is the most important part of the method. So if you get this right, then you get the traffic. I will also explain the title of this post in this step. The trick is not to upload just any video that you have shot on your camera or presesnt on your computer, but to upload the videos which people want to see. Now you may ask "How do we know what people want to watch?".

You must be knowing that the Oscars is a very very big event. Millions of people watch it and are eager to know who won the award, what clothes were worn by the stars and lots more. People are crazy about all this stuff. But not all people get to watch the Oscars due to many reasons like having some important work to complete, going out to meet someone or any other reason. So what will these people do?? Its a simple answer, they visit You Tube and search "Oscars".

So this is what I did and I got traffic. Just as the Red Carpet started, I started recording the event on my Nokia 5800. I recorded videos of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Slumdog Millionaire Team, Meryl Streep, Penelope Cruz and many more stars. But the problem was that the video quality wasnt that good. Still I uploaded these videos and I was among the first people who uploaded the videos on You Tube. I got 1338 views for the Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Red Carpet video. It could have been greater had my video quality been good. Still 1k views is a great thing.

Further I recorded the Best Director, Best Film, Best Music and all the awards which were won by Slumdog Millionaire as I was sure that Indians would be very excited to watch the video. And I was right. I uploaded 5 videos which Slumdog Millionaire had won and which included Indians in it. And these 5 videos got 19438 views!!! in just 4-5 hours and my You Tube channel was the 12th most watched channel in India. Unfortunately You Tube pulled down the 5 videos citing "copyright claim by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences". But that didnt matter much as I already got almost 20k views. Had they not removed the videos I would have got greater views.

So you understood how Oscars helped me. Now I will tell how Nokia helped me. Nokia launched their first touchscreen mobile 5800 Xpress Music in India in January 09 and I bought it in that month itself. Its a great mobile phone and all my friends liked it. So the mobile was new and not many people had the mobile. So I quickly installed some great games and softwares and recorded these games and apps. The main thing was that as this mobile was new there were less videos on You Tube showing its features, games, apps. I used this thing for my benefit. I quickly uploaded 10 videos showing its features and games. So these 10 videos got a combined 19000 views, which is a good number

So when you combine the Oscar and Nokia videos, I got almost 40,000 views!!! That's the first step.

So the bottom line is to upload those videos about popular events like the Oscars. It need not be always a very big event. If there is an important even in your city, then record it and upload it on You Tube. Or about the products which are new and are generating lot of hype.

Step 2:
The first step is over and I guess that you have got an idea about getting lots of views. Now this step is also important and will bring traffic to your blog. You have the option to put the link of your blog in the You Tube profile but that wont bring you much traffic. For the blog traffic you should use the Annotations feature in You Tube. Using Annotations you can paste text on the video. So whenever any person is watching the videos uploaded by me, he will see text at the bottom of the video. And that person will then either directly enter my blog address in the address bar or search it using Google.

When I first uploaded these videos, I started getting lots of Direct visitors and many Google entries where the search term was I was confused and wondered how so many people were searching my blog on Google. Then I realised that this was due to my videos on You Tube.

To add Annotations sign in You Tube and click the video for which you want to add Annotations. You will find Annotations on the right side along with Audio Swap, Captions, Subtitles. Click on Annotations. Or you can also click on My Videos. You will see a list of all videos with the option to add Annotation. On clicking you will be taken to the video with a small bar on the bottom left of the video. At the center is the option Add Annotations. Click on it. Then you will see 4 options. Click on Add Note. Then you will see a small text box in which you enter your blog address. You can also determine the duration for which the Annotations should appear. It is visible along the time line. Drag it to the full length of the video. After that is done click on Save and Publish. And its done. Now whenever anyone will play your video, he will see your blog address on the video. Click on the pic below to enlarge it


Watch the Video Tutorial below:

Thats it. These are the 2 steps which will bring traffic to your blog. Recording a video will take maximum 5-10 minutes. Uploading it will take another 5-10 mins depending on your net speed and adding Annotations will take 1-2 mins. So within 20 mins you will ensure extra traffic for your blog and you didnt even have to do lots of thinking or take lots of efforts. Isnt it simple??

Here are 2 videos which I had uploaded. Just see how I have added Annotations.


  1. nothing wrong with the nokia tactic, although nothing ground-breaking.

    However, the oscars tactic is completely illegal and puts you in a position to be sued for profiting from copyright infringement. Hardly good business advice.

  2. Hey Chris, I contacted You Tube regarding the video as only my video was taken down. So they told that they randomly took down the videos.

    I told at the start of the post that many people will be knowing this method. Its a feature that is freely available so many people must have used it. But there are many people who havent used it.

    But the main thing here isnt that it is ground breaking but that it brings traffic and thats what matters.

  3. I particularly liked your 'annotations' portion of the post and I am thinking of adding it to my videos, although there must be a way of making it a clickable link, as that would have a lot more potential.

  4. Hi Sire, i tried doing that but You Tube is smart. They know that people will link to their blogs and sites. So they have provided an option to add links but only to other You Tube vids and Channels only. You cant link outside You Tube

  5. Great post! I think that video are very interesting.

  6. Thanks a lot. Great to see that you liked the post.

  7. Wow grate post but i want to know is it right way i mean is it legal in Oscar case

  8. Good tips. However, I have to agree with Chris. You might get yourself in trouble uploading copyrighted stuff.

  9. No the peoblem was that they were randomly removing some of the vids...i had uploaded many Oscar vids but they removed only 3. Thats strange. If tht was illegal then they should have removed all the Oscars vids uploaded and not just 3

    Btw there are many Oscar vids having more than 50k views but werent removed

  10. Both the things are biggest in their field. Oscar is a best award for cinema culture and Nokia is a leading cellular service provider in cellphone..

  11. ya, thats what attracts lots of views on You Tube and in turn on my blog

  12. thank you so much for this.......all my videos are my own so no copyright issues here, but it is such a great idea if only just to get your blog name out there and if people want to find out more then they can. Shame I can seem to make a link from you Tube but I certainly have from blogger. Incidently....not one to miss an opportunity to advertise my blog.....
    Thanks again and please keep blogging....!

  13. You are welcome Jonathan...thanks for the comment