Adding Feeds To Your Blog

Now that we know all about feeds (What are feeds???) , we will learn how to add feeds to our Blogger blog. This is a very simple process and it wont even take much time. The first thing that we have to do is login and visit the dashboard. Then click on the settings option of the blog to which you want to add the feeds. Now that you have reached the settings page, you will see a list of options. Find Site Feed and click on it.

You will see "Allow Blog Feeds" , keep it as full. Just below it you will see "Post Feed Redirect URL" which will be blank. This is the place where we have to add the feed url. You will see a link FeedBurner , click on it. When you reach the FeedBurner site, at the centre you will see space where you have to type the blog address. For example , I will type and click on NEXT.

On doing that , we will reach a page where we have to choose a feed source (Atom or RSS) . I suggest that you choose RSS and click on NEXT . Now comes the most important step . You have to choose a Feed Title and Feed Address . Try to keep it as simple as it can be . If you are new to FeedBurner , then you will have to fill in some information (username , password and email) and then click on Activate Feed and you are done . Yes , its over!!!! . If you see , it took hardly 10-15 mins to create feeds for the blog.

Now that the feeds are created , copy the feed url and go back to the settings option in your blog . Click on Site Feeds and paste the url in front of "Post Feed Redirect URL". Now that we have added feeds to the blog , wee now have to add "Subscribe to Feeds" or "Subscribe via Email" options to the blog.

Adding "Subscribe To Feeds ":
The simplest method to do is
go to dashboard> click on layout> click on Page Elements> click on Add a Gadget> click on Subscription Links or Feeds.
However , if you are not satisfied with the widget , and you want to add some stylish button , do as given below.

Copy the following code
<a href="Enter Your Feed URL"><img src="Enter Image URL" alt="subscribe via rss" /></a>

To add the feed to your blog , goto layout>page elements>add a gadget>html/javascript and paste the above code there.

Here is a good source where you can find beautiful RSS Icons
Largest Collection Of RSS Icons

Adding "Subscribe Via Email":
Visit the FeedBurner page and login to your account. Click on Publicize . On the left you will see Email Subscriptions. Click it and activate Email Subscriptions. You will then see Subscription Management. Choose the type of code you want and in "Use as a widget " option select Blogger. You will be taken to the Layout of your blog. Select the place where you want to add the subscription form.

Finally everything is complete. Now just wait for the visitors to subscribe to your feeds.

Now FeedBurner has been integrated with Google. So while creating a Feed you don't need to create a new account. Just login with your Google id and password. All the other steps to create the feeds remains the same.

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