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Many bloggers using Google Blogger still have the blog address. Using a Custom Domain is always better than using the as it has many advantages. However many people dont use custom domains as they have to shell out 10$ for it. So they give excuses for not getting a custom domain. Here are some of the common excuses:

1. Dude I don't have the money to spend on a Custom Domain. I am happy with the free one that I already have.
2.I will think about buying a Custom Domain after I start getting some traffic and loyal readers for my blog.
3.I am not sure whether I will be writing on this blog after 6 months. So why waste the money on a domain name.

There are many reasons given by people for not buying a domain name. However the main reason is Money. Imagine, if you could get a custom domain for free. Then would you give any of the above mentioned reasons for not getting a Custom Domain???

The answer is NO. However we dont get Custom Domains for free. But we do have an alternative to Custom Domains, which look like custom domains and are available for free!!! Yes you read it right, for FREE!!!

It is called . Its a website which offers domain names which appear like the or domain names for which you have to pay money. All you have to do is visit the website , create an account there and you get 2 domains for FREE!!! So your blog address will look like instead of Isn't it great.

The best thing about is that they dont charge you for the domain names nor do they put their ads on your blogs. The domain name completely belongs to you. provides support for CNAME, A, MX, NS Records. So you will get all the services for free which are not available on many similar sites providing free domain names. Also is a very secure site and the identity is assured upto $ 250,000.

For every account you can use 2 domains for free. However if you donate money to the site, then you can create 100 more domains.

Please take a look at this chart that they have provided at the site

So if you are using a domain name for personal purpose, then you will be enjoy it for ever without having to pay any money.

Isnt great!!! But wait, there is one more thing that this site provides that will make you even more happy. You can also earn money from it!!! has a referral program which allows you to earn money. Isnt it great, you get a free domain name and also chance to earn lots of money.

Now you will ask, How will I earn money with Its simple, you have to activate a Referral Account and then refer the site to your friends. They have a simple referral program which is shown below:

1. free domain: $0.10 USD
2. for sale: 10% ~ 40% commission. (40% for PayPal, 10% for Credit Card)

The best thing about this referral program is that they pay you via PayPal when you accumulate 1$. Isn't it simple, just refer 10 people and you will be able to withdraw 1$.

You can search if the domain which you want is available or not by using the box given below

You will get a variety for banners for the referral. Here are some of the banners available

90x40 Banners:
CO.CC:Free Domain

CO.CC:Free Domain

CO.CC:Free Domain

And many more types of banners are available. So what are you waiting for visit and get your own domain name now!!!


  1. dude..
    i just shifted my blog to the new domain !!
    i guess i m too late but still shall block a couple of domains ..
    Thanx for the info !!

  2. You are welcome. But if i can buy a domain then i will prefer .com over . Btw i have 2 blogs using

  3. looks like's availability list will get shrinked soon. Thanx for the info bro

  4. @Narendra
    Ya , you are right.I have registered some good domains which would never be possible with .com ,.net or any other popular extensions. So it would be better if we take the good domain names while they are available

  5. Nice post and tutorial. The other reason to get custom domain immediately after starting blog/site is pagerank. Pagerank can be very crucial when your blog become older, with more of 50 indexed pages at google and pagerank bigger or equal to 3.

  6. @Ukion Thanks. BTW i didnt know the info about the PR. Thanks for it. Currently I have 20 indexed pages. So i got to work on it

  7. That is interesting. I may have to grab a few domains myself.

    Thanks for the tip!

  8. You are welcome. I am glad you found it useful

  9. is not free anymore! they will expire your domain after 1 year, unless you pay domain extention.

  10. I have checked the site properly. I didnt see the things that you are saying anywhere

  11. If you re-check the site and you have a domain of more than 1 year it will say renew. 1 year goes for $3 and 5 years for $10. its now just the first year free. the succeeding years are paid.

  12. Thanks for the info. I never saw it on the site. BUt even for a year the is better than the address