Add Borders To Images In Your Blogger Blog

Adding some styles to your blog images makes them look better. Many bloggers add a border to their blog images to make them look attractive. Sometimes only the image doesnt look good in the blog, so adding a border to your post image will make it more attractive. Here is an example Collection Of 60+ Twitter Icon Sets

To add a border to your image, go to the Layout option of your blogger blog and click on Edit HTML.

Now click on Expand Widget Templates.

Search (press ctrl+F) </head> in the template and just above it add the following code

<style type='text/css'>
.borders {border:3px solid #E7E7E7;}

Now go to your blog post and add you will have to make a minor change to your image code.
Earlier your image code would have been

<img src="Image link"/>

now make a small change in the code. The new code will be

<img src="Image link" class="borders"/>

Thats it, now publish the post and see the borders around your image.