10 Good Reasons To Start Blogging Using Blogger Platform

Good Reasons To Use Google Blogger
Today, blogging is not unknown term, especially for those who spent their most of the time on computers with internet connection. Just because of this increasing popularity, one can find more than 200,000,000 blogs in this computer world on various interesting niche. Therefore, before diving in this deep and vast world of blogging, it is prerequisite to inculcate interest in yourself to create a blog. In other words, the three most general motivations behind an idea of making blogs are Passion, Income and benevolence. Basically, blogs can be formulated on various topics but the main thing is in which niche you are more interested.

After being very clear in your mind all about these, now its time to discuss how one can start blogging?
Blogging can be done by using various types of platform available in form of websites. Blogger is among one of those platforms. Pyra Labs was that small company who played the main role in developing Blogger and became quite popular after being purchased by Google in the year 2003. Blogger is the total package for a successful blogging journey. Using blogger even a fresher can also make a wonderful and impressive blog without any problem. So, for beginners as well as experienced bloggers, Blogger is the top and excellent platform for blogging. Few more reasons to choose Blogger for blogging are as follows:

1. Free : The main and foremost reason for the popularity of blogger as a blogging platform is that it offers its services totally free of charge and also sub-domain as blogspot.com for free. The only basic requirement getting sign up in Blogger is having an account on Google.

2. Ownership : Google is owner of the Blogger. As we all know, Google is a big deal with lots of money in its pocket. Therefore, it is also one of the main reasons for its popularity.

3. Simple to use : Blogging with Blogger is very familiar and easy to use. Really, technical terms are not made for Blogger and this facet make it highly popular platform for blogging.

4. Offers free templates : The other main reason to choose Blogger for blogging is that it provides numerous wonderful and stunning templates and without charging a single penny. What only you have to do is to download the template of your choice and then upload it to your blog.

5. Use of different gadgets : Gadgets are the main source of attractions in a perfect blog and Blogger is the only platform that allows you to add thousands of gadgets to your blog/blogs. These pro gadgets are also totally free. The basic gadgets available with the bloggers that you should use are Pro Subscription Widget, Hand Drawn Social Icons, Facebook Like Box and many more.

6. Customization : Blogger is also famous for its flexibility features like you can customize the look of your template with an easy use of HTML codes and CSS.

7. SEO : Within a short interval of time, blogs made on Blogger get indexed by Google. For gaining popularity of any blog, SEO is very important aspect and this can be done easily with Blogger.

8. Web-Host is not required : One does not need to buy any space on web for his blog. Blogger is having Google as its server that offers this service for free.

9. Monetization of your blog : Blogs made by using Blogger as its platform needs not to worry for the monetization of their blog. The main feature of Blogger is that Adsense can be added to their blogs for earning revenue through CPC adverts.

10. Reliable : Top of the all, Google servers are quite reliable and safe in the web world.

 Ilya Elbert writes for several IT Support NYC and Computer Repair NYC corporations