Blogger Finally Adds Open In New Window Option

open link in new window blogger

Recently while writing a post, I happened to see the Open this link in a new window tick box when you select the Add or remove link option. This was one feature that I wanted to see in the Blogger post editor since a long time. You will see this feature in Windows Live Writer and some other post editors and is a very handy and useful option. For those who are clueless why I am happy about this option, do read this post which will tell you how it can help you to increase your blog page views.

To open a link in a new window, select the text from your post for which you want to add a link. Then click the Link option at the top of the post and you will see a small window as seen in the pic below. Just select the Open this link in a new window box and click on Ok.

open link in new window blogger

That's it. Now hit the Publish button and check your post and check the link. It will open in a new window.

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