Open Links In New Window For Your Blog

When you visit some Blog or Website, you must have noticed that when you click on a link, it opens in a new window. This is a great idea used by many people as it keeps the users on your page and the users can also check the link that they want to see.

Sometimes the users click on a link thinking that they will return to your page after reading the content. However the links maybe so useful to them that they might not return back to your blog. This is not a good situation for you as you just lost a visitor. I am not saying that we should stop sharing links. Sharing useful links is a good thing to do. However if we make sure that these links open in a new window it will be great for us and the reader as well.

Opening a link in a new window is very easy thing to do. Whenever you add a link to your blog, it looks like the one shown below

<a href="Add Link URL">Some Text</a>

Now if you want to open the same link in a new window, you add some extra code in the above code.

<a href="Add Link URL" target="_blank">Some Text</a>

Just check this example. For the first link I have used the earlier code and for the second link I have used the new code. Click on both of them and see what happens.

Cool Tricks N Tips

Cool Tricks N Tips

Its a very simple thing which can increase the average page views for your blog. However, there are few people who feel that it is time consuming to add the code in every link. So for these people we can add a small piece of code in the Blog Template which will make every link in your blog to open in a new page. As a result we don't need to add the extra code to every link.

To implement it, go to the Blog Layout and click on Edit HTML. Now find <head> in the blog template. Search it by pressing Ctrl+F on the keyboard. After you find it paste the following code below <head>

<base target='_blank'/>

That's it, now click on Save Template and refresh your blog. The links will open in a new window. You can choose any one of the technique according to your liking.