How To Add Page Hit Counter Blogger Blog

Most bloggers like to see how their blog is progressing. Everyone wants to see that their blog is being read by more and more people. The most important reason for starting a blog is to be visible to a large audience and share your views with as many people as possible. However, you cant see these stats directly. You need some tool that will do the tracking for you. Agreed that Blogger has introduced their own page hit counter but you don't have many options in that counter.

There are many sites that provide a large variety of page hit counters that you can use for your blogspot blog. These counters are available in various shapes and designs. Also, you can modify various settings like changing the starting value of the page hit counter.

We searched some sites that are providing free page hit counters and have selected some sites for you to use. To use these free blogger page visitor counters you will have to log in. It wont take much time for you to register. Once you have done that, select the design and copy the page hit counter code to your blogger blog.

To add the code to your blogger blog, visit the design section of your blog and click on Add A Gadget and select the HTML/JavaScript widget and paste the code there. Here is the list of some sites where you will get the page visitor counter.
Merit Education
Amazing Counters
Website Hit Counters
Hit Counts
Easy Counter
Free Website Hit Counters

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