Blogger Adds Popular Posts And Blogger Stats Gadgets

Blogger Gadgets- Popular Posts Gadget and Blogger Stats
Nowadays the Blogger team is putting in lots of efforts to make sure that the Blogger/Blogspot platform is better than ever and it can compete with the other blogging platforms. And so far they are doing a great job. The blogger team have already introduced Real Time Stats , Blogger Template Designer , Static Pages and lots of other features. This week the blogger team has graduated the Blogger Stats and Popular Posts Widgets/Gadgets from Blogger in Draft.

Popular Posts Gadget:

This is one of the most sought after Blogger widget. I have tried many Popular Posts widgets created by other bloggers. Some of them were good while many of them weren't but its better that Blogger has added the Popular Posts widget as it is very simple to add it to your blog compared to many of the other widgets.

To add the widget to your blog, just visit the Design section of your blogger blog and click on Add A Gadget. The first widget in the list is the Popular Posts widget. As you can check the image shown below, you have to select some features and choose how many posts you want to show on your blog. It is better if you keep the settings as it is but you can change the number of posts according to your choice.

Popular Posts Blogger Widget

Blog's Stats Gadget:

The Blogs's Stats gadget is a page hit counter where you can set the weekly, monthly or all time pageviews for your blog. The gadget offers 4 styles where you can select to display only the pageviews or pageviews along with an image.

Adding this gadget is similar to the popular posts gadget. The Blog's Stats Gadget is situated just below the popular posts gadget/plugin.

Blog's Stats Blogger Widget

We hope that you loved these wonderful gadgets by the blogger team. Is there any gadget that you wish that the blogger team should add for the blogger users?

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