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Update: I have won the competition. Thanks to all the readers who voted for me

Hi friends, this is a rather unusual post from me as it is not related to the topics which I post here. Still I felt that I should post this here as I needed your help in winning a Photography contest that I had participated in. We had to send pics related to running and I sent a pic that I had taken during the Mumbai Half Marathon (21kms)

Luckily this pic got selected for the finals where it is competing against 5 other pics and the pic that gets the most votes will win a Rs 50,000 gift!!! This contest is being held using the Poll feature on Facebook. It would be great if you could vote for my pic. It will hardly take a minute to vote. Do vote for me if you found this blog useful and if possible please ask your friends to vote for me. Check the pic below for more info.