Add Music Files To Your Blogger Blog

add mp3 music files to blogger blog
Recently I received many requests from people asking how to add music or mp3 files to their blogger/blogspot blog. This is a very easy thing to do. Adding a music file to your blogger blog wont take time much time. All you have to do is upload a music file on a mp3 hosting site and then just share the code on your blogspot blog. However, if you don't have a music file to upload but want to search and share it, don't worry. We have taken care of that.

If you have a music file on your computer and want to share it on your blogger blog, then go to DivShare and create an account on it. Its a great site to share not just your mp3 files but also your videos, images, documents. Once you have registered, select the file that you want to upload and once you have uploaded it, you will get the option to share the file. Copy the Embed mp3 link. Now go to your blogger blog and in the Design section click on Add a Gadget and select a HTML/JavaScript gadget. Paste the code and click on Save. Now check your blog, the music player will be present there.

If you want to display the palyer only in a single post then you can also add the code in your post. Check the DivShare player that I have added below.

If you dont want to upload any mp3 file then visit MixPod and create an account over there. You can choose any song from their list, select a theme for the player and share it. Use the HTML/JavaScript widget or add it to your post as we have mentioned above.

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