How To Backup Your Blogger Blog

Backup Blogger Blog

 It is very important that you have a backup of all your blogger posts as you never know when Google may mark your blog as a spam blog and delete it. Even I had such an experience with one of my blogspot blog. I had taken lots of efforts in modifying the template and creating posts for the blog. However one day I got a message from Blogger that my blog was marked as a spam and I lost that blog. Ever since I make sure that I make a backup of my blogger blog on a regular basis.

It is very important that you backup your blogger posts and articles as you may lose lot of hardwork if Google deletes your blogger blog. Taking a backup of your blogger blog is as simple as taking Backup of Blogger Template.

Visit the Settings option of your blogspot template and in the Basic options, you will see the Export Blog link. Click that link .

Backup Blogger Blog
Now you will see a page with a Download Blog button. Click the button and start the process of taking a backup of your blog posts.

Backup Blogger Blog

Make sure that you take a backup atleast once in a month so that you dont lose any posts.

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    I wish I had time to watch movies! But as my kids do, and we often wonder how safe they really are – the sites – we don’t allow them to download from a lot of them. I guess the ones you mentioned are all safe, so I would pass it on to them for sure.

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