How To Backup A Blogger Template

Backup blogger template
Bloggers take lot of efforts to make sure that their blogger template looks as good as possible. They make lots of modifications to their blogspot template and also add many widgets to the template. However, sometimes while making some change to the blogger template, we make some mistake, like adding wrong code or deleting some part. The main problem occurs when we accidentally save the template which causes lot of problems for us as we have no idea how to correct the error.

That's why it is always recommended that you backup the template just as you backup of your blogspot blog before you make any change to the template. Its a precautionary measure that will be pretty useful incase you make some mistake and there is no way to remove the error from the template.

Taking a backup is very easy and just requires few clicks and nothing more than that. To take a backup of your blog template. goto the Design section of the blog and then click on Edit HTML option. On that page you will see the Download Full Template option. Click it and the blog template is downloaded. That's the backup of your blogspot template.

Backup blogger template

If there is some error in the template and you want to return to your previous template then click on the Browse option as shown in the above image and select the backup template that you had downloaded and click on Upload. That's it, you have restored your original template using the backup template.