Best Practices For Designing Blogger Templates

Best Practices For Designing Blogger Templates
In today's world where a large percentage of work as well as entertainment takes place on the internet, blogging has become extremely popular. What used to be known as a simple online diary where every day people expressed their thoughts and opinions on a variety of different things has now become big business for many bloggers. Blogs attract advertisers, and with every click on an advertiser's link, there is money to be made. Many bloggers also sell their own products on their blog or advertise for their friends and colleagues, allowing a constant flow of revenue to be generated.

With so many people entering the world of blogging for business purposes, there is now high demand for artistic and creative blog templates that really showcase the individual or business. Since many bloggers are great at the blogging aspect but not so talented in the design aspect, this can mean a great business opportunity for individuals that are skilled in template design. Since designing templates for others can be time consuming, you want to make sure that the templates you design are exactly what the customer wants. Here are a few tips on creating templates that will definitely satisfy your customers and keep the business coming your way.

Be Creative But Not Over The Top

While templates should be creative, many times the problem with their designs is that they are simply too busy. If for instance you are creating a template for someone that blogs about women's beauty products, soft pastel colors with subtle graphics, perhaps outlines of lipsticks and powder puffs or anything "beauty" in nature creates a great background that perfectly describes the blog without taking away the content. Any template that is too busy has the potential to turn away followers that may be too distracted by the graphics. If you are new to template design, it is also a good idea to check out templates online that speak to various audiences, in order to get a good idea of what today's blogger is looking for.

Know What The Customer Wants

While many templates are created in order to be sold to interested bloggers and businesses, you may also be contracted to create custom blog templates. It is very important to work closely with your customers so you can create a template that meets their unique vision. If you have been contacted by a potential customer based on your past work, you want to make sure that you aren't just giving them a basic copy of something you have already created. Another good rule of thumb is to keep your customers updated on your progress, and show them partial samples as you go along with your work. This way they can advise on whether they want you to change anything in the design before the template is complete.

A Creative and Fun Job

Designing blogger templates can be a lot of fun, and if you have a knack for it, it can quickly go from a side hobby to a lucrative business opportunity. By taking a few basic steps to learn what type of designs work best for today's online blogs for both individuals and businesses, and by taking the time to get to know your customer's specific design criteria, you will definitely find success in this niche market.

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