How To: Add Numbered Comments In Disqus

Add Numbered Comments in Disqus

Disqus is a very good blog comments system which is used by large number of blogs. Even we use Disqus on Cool Tricks N Tips. Recently we got a request from one of our reader asking how to add numbered comments on Disqus. If you can see, the Disqus comments on this blog are numbered. It is very simple to display numbered comments on Disqus.

First visit the Design section of the blog and click on Edit HTML. Now select the Expand Widget Templates option. You will have to paste the code given below in the CSS section.

#dsq-content #dsq-comments li.dsq-comment {
display: list-item !important;
list-style: decimal !important;

Once you have done that, click on Save Template. Now refresh your blog and check the comments section. You will see that the disqus comments are numbered.