Add Numbered Page Navigation Widget To Blogger Blog

Numbered page NavigationOne of the important features of a good blog or site is that it is very easy for the blog visitors to navigate throughout the site. A site which is structured in such a way that the visitors have to take efforts to move from one page to another is seen as a poorly designed site.

Having proper navigation is important as it also helps to increase the page views for your blog. Blogger users are aware of the Newer Posts and Older Posts links at the bottom of the blog.

Numbered page Navigation
It is pretty irritating at times for visitors when they want to check posts that are present on the 5th or 11th page. They have to click on the Older page link 5 or 11 times. It is obvious that in such a situation many visitors wont even try to go that far and may visit another blog. This results in less Page Views for your blog.  Here is what Lauren of Nymfont has to say about the default links.
Sweet, I think I am going to try to implement numbered pagniation in my blog right now then! "Older" "home" and "newer" links are such a "Blogger-blog" dead giveaway!
That's why Numbered Page Navigation widget is important for Blogger/Blogspot blogs. This makes life easier for the blog visitors and at time for the blog owners as well. There are many wonderful bloggers who have created Numbered Page Navigation widgets for blogger blog. But I found the one created by Anshul Dudeja the best. I am using the widget created by him on this blog and its wonderful.

Numbered page Navigation

He has posted a simple and easy tutorial to add a Numbered Page Navigation to your Blogger blog. It has two parts and proper instructions have been given so that you wont have any problem while adding it to your blog. Check the Numbered Page Navigation tutorial by Anshul.

If you are facing any problems, then you can use the comments section and I will try to solve your problem. I hope that you will love the Numbered Pagination widget.