Happy Birthday Twitter: 80+ Twitter Resources

Twitter Resources

Four years ago on 21st March, Jack Dorsey the founder of Twitter sent his first Tweet. Now 4 years later Twitter has become a huge sensation with people using it for all kinds of work. It has become a part of our life. We hear about Twitter everywhere, in the news papers, on the Television. Even many Colleges and Universities have started using Twitter.

Everyone is wishing Twitter and here are some of the #HappyBirthdayTwitter tweets

Twitter Resources

On this wonderful occasion we are sharing some resources that will help you to improve your tweeting experience and also some amazing Twitter content for your blogs.

We will first begin with basic resources for people who have just started using Twitter and will slowly provide resources for the regular users which will help to become a twitter expert.

1. What is Twitter?

2. HOW TO: Retweet on Twitter

3. What is a #hashtag?

4. How to customize my Twitter background?

5. Twitter terms to know

6. What is #followfriday?

7. Twitter for Beginners – 5 Things to Do as a New Twitter User

8. 5 Naming Tips For Your New Twitter Account

9. What Twitter Application is Right For You?

Here are few videos that will help you in using Twitter

10. Twitter In Plain English

11. How To Use Twitter

12. Twitter Retweet Explained

13. The Twitter Tutorial

14. Twitter For Beginners

15. Twitter for Beginners: 5 Steps for Better Tweeting

16. A non-fanatical beginner's guide to Twitter

17. A 20-step starter’s guide to using Twitter efficiently

18. Twitter 101: Clarifying the Rules for Newbies

19. For Newbies: 10 Quick Guidelines to Getting the Most Out of Twitter

20. Twitter for Dummies | Are You Clueless?

21. 10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners 

22. Add A TweetMeme Retweet Button To Blogger Blog

23. Awesome People To Follow On Twitter

24. How We Use Twitter for Journalism

25. Unique Ways to Use Twitter!

26. How To: Incorporate Twitter Into Your Busy Life

27. How to Get Followed on Twitter | Twitter 101 

28. 11 Ways to Use Twitter to Help Your Site Go Viral

29. 25 Ways to Recharge Your Twitter Experience

30. Types of Birds on Twitter and How to Be an Eagle 

31. 17 Marketing Related Uses for Twitter (and counting)

32. 7 Ways to Be Worth Following on Twitter

33. Finding Great Content to Tweet

34. 10 Ways To Secure A Successful Tweet

35. 10 Different Ways To Use Twitter!

36. 9 Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers

37. How to get ReTweeted – The Formula

38. What To Do When There is Phishing on Twitter!

39. Twitter Better: 20 Ways to Filter Your Tweets

40. 50 Ways to FAIL On Twitter

41. 9 Tips to build your reputation on Twitter like Guy Kawasaki

42. Top 10 Tips for Twitter … and Life

43. The Fine Art Of Balancing Your Twitter Conversations

44. 10 Acts of Twitter Kindness

45. Tweetable Art: 10 Twitter Tips for Artists

46. Top 10 Twitter SEO Tips

47. 10 Ways Twitter Can Boost Your Social News Profile

48. 7 Traits Of A Good Twitter Friend  

49. 10 tips on being a good Twitterer

50. 8 Tips for Spotting a Spam Twitter Follower

51. 7 Tips for Becoming a Twitter Badass

52. How To: Rejuvenate A Brand via Twitter

53. Anatomy Of A Successful Tweet

54. Eight Ways Twitter is Useful Professionally

55. Five Tweeting Mistakes That Might Get You Blocked

56. How To Use #MrTweet Instead of #FollowFriday

57. 5 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Presence

58. The 10 Twitter Commandments

59. 8 Useful Tips To Become Successful With Twitter

60. 5 Ways To Have Fun with Twitter When You’re Bored

61. What Should You Do When Your Twitter Account Is Hacked?

62. 7 Reasons You Aren’t Being Followed Back on Twitter

63. How I Use Twitter to Promote My Blog

64. The secret to Twitter

65. The secret to Twitter, Part II

66. Tweeting for Companies 101

67. Twitter Background Design How-To and Best Practices

68. 10 Tips to Be Effective at Marketing on Twitter

69. How To Get Unfollowed On Twitter

70. 10 Tips To Build Meaningful Relationships on Twitter 

71. The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines

72. How To: Be Active On Twitter Without Getting Burned Out

73. How to Get Noticed on Twitter

74. 7 Steps To Follow If Your Twitter Account is Suspended

75. 16 Cool Sites To Get Free Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter Resources

76. Collection Of 60+ Twitter Icon Sets

Twitter Resources

77. 50 Free Social Twitter Resources and Icon Sets: Huge List

Twitter Resources

78. Cutielicious! A Free Twitter Bird Icon Set

Twitter Resources

79. 400+ Beautiful Twitter Icons for your Website

Twitter Resources

80. Twitter Backgrounds handPicked from DeviantArt

Twitter Resources

81. You Bad? – The Coolest Twitter Icons Ever

Twitter Resources

82. Free Twitter Backgrounds PSD Layered files

Twitter Resources

83. 50+ Most Amazing and Funny Twitter Comics

Twitter Resources

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