Declutter Your Desktop With Fences

fences windows software
Earlier my desktop was filled with icons and it looked very messed up. The same thing must be happening on your computer as well. However, today I came across a great software named Fences which has made my desktop more attractive and now I don't need to visit the start menu to start my favorite apps.
Here is a picture of my desktop before and after using Fences

2-19-2010 10-09-55 PM
Using Fences, I can now organize all the icons on the desktop and hide all the unused icons and keep it at some corner of the screen. If you double click on the desktop, all the icons disappear and reappear after we double click again.
 2-19-2010 10-23-03 PM
You can create various fences and can drag and drop them wherever you want on the desktop. You can do many more thing with fences. Check this video to know more about it.