Add Drag To Share Feature To Blogger Blog With Meebo

You must have seen the drag to share feature on many blogs. Even Mashable used to use it and you may have seen many tutorials that use scripts to enable the drag to share feature. However the best and the simplest way to add the Drag to Share feature is to add the Meebo Bar to your Blogger blog.

To add Meebo Bar to your blogspot blog, visit the link given above and then click on the Get It Now button. You will then have to signup before being able to use the bar.

Once you register and reach the dashboard, you will see a link under Tools called Integration Wizard under it. Click on it and you will reach a page where you have to select your Blogging platform. Select Blogger.

When you click on the Blogger option, you will see some instructions and a button named  Add Meebo Bar Javascript . Click on it and you will reach the Add Page Element section on Blogger. Choose the blog for which you want to add the Meebo Bar. Now check your blog. The Drag to Share Feature has been enabled on your Blogger blog.

Meebo Bar has many more features other than the Drag to Share option. You can add various buttons on the Meebo Bar for Sharing the posts, Flickr pics or some links.

Meebo also provides you will stats of the page views, the items that are shared.

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