Enable DoFollow Comments On Blogger Blog

By default the Blogger blog has all the comments as No Follow. You have to edit some code to make your blog comments Do Follow. What it means is that these links pass on the link juice to the site to which it is linked. As a result these links are good for SEO. Hence many bloggers use Do Follow links in the comments section to thank the people who have commented on the post.

Adding Do Follow comments to your blog will easily increase the number of comments on your blog. Also when people realize that your blog has Do Follow enabled, they will include your blog in the blog posts containing the list of Do Follow blogs and also in Do Follow blog directories. This will bring more traffic to your blog. However you will have to be careful as you will also recieve many spam comments.

To enable Do Follow comments for your blogspot blog, click on Layout and then Edit HTML.

Select the Expand Widget Templates option and search the following code in the template.

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'><data:comment.author/></a>

Now just remove rel='nofollow' from the above code and click on Save Template. Now your Blogger blog comments will be Do Follow.