Add Expandable Posts To Blogger Blogs

UPDATE: As the blog on which the article was posted is now redirecting to another site, I have used the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to display the posts

In the blog, the home page shows the full content of each and every blog post. Sometimes your post may be very big and they may stretch a lot. A reader who wants to read the next post, may have to scroll down for a long time which is frustrating. It is better if you add a Read More link for the post and make it short.

It is also called Expandable Posts or  Post Summary. It is very useful as you can show only a small part of the post and the rest of the post can be read after clicking the Read More link. This saves space on your blog, reduces the blog loading time and it also becomes easy for your blog readers to navigate through all the posts.

Hackosphere has given a great tutorial which will enable you to add Expandable posts to your blogger blog. You may find expandable posts on many blogs but this is the best one that I have seen as you can display the Read More link only on the pages that you want, which isnt possible in the hack provided in other blogs.

Before you add the expandable posts to your blog, it is advised that you backup your earlier blog template.

There are two types of hack. In the First Expandable Posts Hack the posts will expand on the Home Page itself when you click on the Read More link.

However if you want the post to open in the post page use this Second Expandable Posts Hack.

I hope that you will love this great hack for your blogger blog.