Create Links That Are Not Underlined

Whenever you add any link to your blog post, you will see that the link is underlined. However some people don't like that the link is underlined and want to remove the underline.

This is possible by adding a small code in the link. Check the two links given below. The first link is the normal link which is underlined. However, the second link isn't underlined.

Cool Tricks N Tips
Cool Tricks N Tips

Now we will see the code that makes it possible. See both the codes given below carefully. The second code contains some extra part which hides the underline

<a href="URL" > </a>

<a href="URL" style="text-decoration: none;" > </a>

As we can see in the code shown above, we have added just the following code.

style="text-decoration: none;"

Its just a simple thing to do which will hardly take your time.