What Is A Blog???

Blog is the short form of the word Web Log. A blog is a site maintained by a person or a group in which the contents are placed according to the date with the latest topics on the top. Blogs contains articles , pictures and videos just as the websites have. However the three important things that differentiate a blog from a site are:

Blogs are used by people for all kinds of work.
Some people use blogs as personal diary ⇒ "The Story Of A Girl" ,
While some use it to showcase their talents ⇒ "A Painting a Day "
Few people use blogs to raise awareness about certain thing ⇒ "Global Warming Watch"
People also use blogs to write about political issues ⇒"Pundit Kitchen"
The ways in which people can use blogs are endless (we can write an entire post about it) and the collection of all the blogs is called BLOGSPHERE.

Now that we know what is a blog and the different ways in which it is used by people, we will now know how to create a blog.
The most important thing before making a blog is Choosing A Blog Platform. As we can see the word "Blog Platform" is made using the two words Blog and Platform, it means a platform on which a blog can be hosted. The two famous blog platforms are
Of the tow Blogger offers free hosting while for WordPress you need to host your own blog. At Cool Tricks we are going to concentrate only on Blogger blogs.
Blogger is a free blog platform provided by Google. As it is a free platform the blog has the address www.yourblog.blogspot.com . However, now the Blogger users can also use a custom domain for their blog (I will explain about it as a part of Blogger For Beginners Series).

To create a blog visit www.blogger.com

What are you waiting for.....create your blog and share your knowledge with the world.


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